SAMPLE METHODS: Types of sample method

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Every member of the sampling frame has an equal chance of being selected e.g. names out of the hatm eliminates bias in the sample.

Selection: getting a large enough sample which should reflect the characteristics of the research population e.g. gender class ethnicity

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Introduces an element of structure:

selecting every Nth person in the sampling frame, can reduce chance of a biased sample

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Researcher stratifies (breaks down) the population by age class and gender etc, the sample is then created in the same proportions

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Population is stratified

the interviewer is given for example 20 females 10 who are 60 and over etc they have to fill with respondents who fit these characterisitcs and keep at the task until their quote is filled

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involves collecting a sample by contacting a no. of key individuals who are asked to suggest others who might be interviewed etc, adding to the snowball sample until enough data has been collected. Not representative  but a useful way of contacting a sample of people who may be difficult to find or persaude to take part for e.g. criminals

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Involves choosing from individuals who are easy to access. e.g. selecting passerbys in the street. Less likely to be representative

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