GPE is always stored in a object because of its position

GPE has no energy or elastic potential energy.

The sum og GPE is 0.5 x m x v*2 + m x g x w

Gravatational potential energy depends on the mass ans height above the ground

Gravatational potential energy is energu an object possesses because of its position in a gravatational field 

In the absence of frictiomany extra force the mechanical energy is consovered

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types of energy

ionization energy is the energy that binds electrons to the nucleus of its atom, ion or monecule

kinetic energy is the energy of motion of a body, it ranges from 0 to a possotive value

gravatational energy is energy associated with gravity which involves the atraction between objects bases on their mass

sonic energy is the energy of soumd waves that travel through air

electromagnetic energy is the energy from light or electromagnetic waves

chemical energy results from chemial reactions between atoms or molecules

nuclear energy results from changes in the atomatic nuclei

thermal energy or heat energy reflets the temprerature difference between two systems

mechanacal energy is energy that results from movement or location of an objects

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kinetic energy

kinetic enrgy has many forms: vibrational, radiational and translational

calculation for kinetic energy KE= o.5 x m x v*2

kenetic energy is directly propirtional to the square of its speed

kinetic energy is a scalar quantity it doesnt have direction

kinetic energy of an objects is the energy that posses due to its motion

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