sex and gender

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Core theory

Biological approach...


chromosomes: **

Hormones: Oestrogen

In six weeks the gonads change to: Ovaries

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Key concepts

From freuds theory:


Electra- Thought her mum had already castrated her as she had no penis, so she acted like her mum so she wouldn't get anything else took off or get killed. As she fancies her dad and doesn't want her mum to find out.

Odepus- Same as Electra's story but he fancies his mum, so he looks up to his dad so he won't find out that he loves his mum in a sexual way so his dad wouldn't hate him. In the end he kills his dad so he can get closer to his mum.

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key concepts

Core theory- the biological approach

Masculinity- Typical male traits

Feminity- Typical female traits

Andromous- with both female and male traits

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Core theory


chromosomes: XY

hormones: testosterone

In six weeks the gonads change to: testes

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Core study

Diamond and stigmundson..

(This theory supports the biological approch)

Its about these twin boys going to get a circumsion but it went wrong on the child that went for it first and they accidently burnt his penis off. So they decided to turn it inside out and made him a vagina, so he was made into a girl.

They didn't look back at their research so Money found out more information, as it made his life a hell espically at school.

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core study


He also worked on this case and he picked on certain points that diamond and sigmundsom didn't.

To start with he said that joan was adapting well, she liked playing with dolls. but later on their were problems.

When she reached puberty, despite recieving hormones she still had very masculine features (broad shoulders etc) and she didn't have a good school life either getting bullied as she had to go to the toilet outside as she felt that to wee was to stand up like a boy did.

At 13 her parents decided to tell her everything and then she found out why she felt differently to other girls she then re named her self john and had surgery to reconstruct a penis.

She got married and adopted 3children but sadly died at the age of 36 (he killed him self, like wise his brother did sucide at the same time too)

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Alternative theory


Its about the two gods called Electra and Odepus

Oedipus- boys desire their mother and fear their father finding out, leads to castration anxiety. Is resolved when boys identify with their fathers and develop a masculine identity

Electra- Girls desire their fathers and a penis, is known as penis envy. blame their mum for not having one. They develop a feminine gender indentity when they realise they will not get a penis  and come to desire a baby.

These both take place in the unconcious mind and this approach argues that if a parent is not around then a child's gender does not develop properly.

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        You can use these studies for work and schools, using equal opportunities!!

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