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dharavi housing

dharavi is located in Mumbi India.

90% of the housing is illegal and is made out of rubbish, scrap meatle,sand and mud 

it is easy for dharavi to flood because it is located in  the drainage system this happens when their is a lot of rain

there are about 86,000 shacks that home only 106,000 families and about 6 people per house 

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education in dharavi

it is £6.25 to go to school each month people in dharavi only ean £1.50 per day

there are only 65 schools in dharavi 

340 children attend the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM)

there are 60 primary schools and only 4 secondry schools in dharavi

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health in dharavi

Mahim Creek is a local river it is used my most residents for defecation this spreads diseases through the water.

the water in dharavi isn't clean and they don't have much space 

about 18,000 people crowd into a single acre.

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dharavi services

As of November 2006 there is only one toilet per 1,140 residents in Dharavi

the area suffers ploblems from inaquate drinking water supply

dharavi only have one water pipe and it comes on at 5:30am for two hours

mumbi's over population has caused a shortage of land and has restricted suppliy of drinking water

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dharavi food supplies

people can only buy a small bag of rice and some oil because of how much they are paid

this would only provide food for a small part of the family 

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dharavi employment

thare are jobs in dharavi like pottery, textiles, recycling plastic and leather workers.

Work conditions are poor and the workers are paid little (£1.50) for a days job.

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