Smart Foods

A couple of notes on Smart foods.

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Smart Foods - Questions

1.What are Smart Foods?

Example of processes?

2.What do smart foods include?

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Smart Foods - Answers

1.Smart foods are foods that have been developed through the invention of new improved processes. A result of man-made materials/ingredients or human intervention (not natural occuring changes)

2. Modified starches, functional foods, meat analogues (e.g. TVP), encapsulation technology, modern biotechnology.

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Modified Starch - Questions

1.What is modified starch used for?

2. What is pre-gelatinised starch used for?

3. What else is modifeid starch used for?

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Modified Starch - Answers

1. Used as a low fat re-placer in low fat meals.

2. Pre-gelatinised starch is used to thicken instant desserts without heat.


  • Modified starch is used in the sauce in pies so when defrosted it will prevent dripping of the sauce.
  • used in 'cup-a-soups' to improve mouth-feel, thicken the drink/sauce with the addition to boiled water & blend with no lumps.
  • the noodles in 'pot noodles' are pre-gelatinised, so boiled water will re-heat and cook them.
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Functional Foods - Questions

1.Some eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids, this helps what?

2. Some spreads are specially formulated to help what?

3. Probiotic drinks are designed to help to do what?

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Functional Foods - Answers

1. The omega-3 is a beneft for a healthy heart

2. Lower Cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Improve health of the large bowel.

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Encapsulation Technology - Questions

1. List some products where encapsulation technology has been used.

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Encapsulation Technology - Answers


  • jellybeans use encapsulated flavours for enhanced sensory appel.
  • some breads use encapsulated leavening agents to prevent premature release and reaction.
  • specially formulated 'sports' bars are fortified with encapsulated nutrients.
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Meat Analogues - Questions

List three types of meat Analogues

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Meat Analogues - Anwsers

  • Mycro-protein is used in fillets to provide a 'chicken like' texture.
  • Tofu absorbs flavours, so is used as a meat alternitive in stir-fries.
  • TVP is used in vegetarian shepherd's pie to provide the main source of protien.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Modifyed Starches

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