Responsibilities of Social Care Professionals

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Care Manager

"responsible for administrative tasks within the care home"

Key responsibilities;

- day-to-day running of care setting in residential home 

- supervising work of care assistants 

- ensuring quality of care meeting standards and matches up to relevant legislation

- ensuring suitable staff is available

Key skills, qualities and tasks;

- creating & maintaining relationships of trust with residents

- maintaining data protection policy + confidentiality

- observing, listening and responding to concerns

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Care Assistant

"provide physical and emotional support"

Key responsibilities;

- providing daily personal care

- carrying general household tasks

- carrying any other routine roles, as required by s/v or s/u

- talking to other health&social professionals

Key skills, qualities and tasks;

- work in different care settings + maintaining confidentiality 

- observing and reporting changes in health & wellbeing of s/u

- making service users feel at ease

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Social Workers

"work alongside families that are struggling"

Key responsibilities;

- manage designated case loads

- maintain professional registration

- work with regulatory guidelines

- keeping informed of changes in policy & procedure

Key skills, qualities and tasks;

- prepare and review case files of clients

- take difficult decisions 

- work with service users of all ages & ensure continuity of care

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Youth Worker

"help young people reach their potential"

Key responsibilities;

- demonstrate values which underpin youth work

- complete background checks with disclosure and barring services

- continue professional development

- act as mentors to young people

Key skills, qualities and tasks;

- work across different sectors 

- develop projects with schools and other organisations

- offer advice on topics such as sexual health

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Support Worker

"implement care plans"

Key responsibilities;

- follow instructions of health&social care professionals

- implement care plans agreed with social workers

- support members of families who provide care with parenting, financial or domestic skills

Key skills, qualities and tasks;

- duties depend on needs & wishes of individuals

- support individuals' overall comfort + wellbeing 

- help people who need care + support to live as independently as possible

- they also work with families

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