Social investigators in Britain

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Charles Booth

  • Concentrated his research in London 
  • His report "The Life and Labour of the People of London" was published between 1889-1903
  • Produced coloured maps showing the degree of poverty in areas in London
  • Found that 35% of the people in London were living in poverty
  • Found that poverty was down to : illness, old age, irregular employment, and poor wages


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Seebohm Rowntree

  • Concentrated his investigations in York
  • According to his findings over half of the people living in York were living in poverty
  • Based his idea of poverty on not having enough food, fuel and clothing to maintain basic health
  • Found irregular employment as a main contributing factor to poverty
  • Helped to highlight that the problem of poverty wasn't exclusively in London
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John Galt

  • Was involved in the London City Mission
  • Investigated living conditions in the East End of London
  • He took photographs to illustrate the problem of poverty, and these were often published in magazines like Mission


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