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  • Conflict between the ruling class and the working class
  • Seen as a conservative force
  • Keeps society as it is
  • 'legitimates, reproduces and maintains class inequality'
  • An ideological apparatus to transmit the ruling class ideas and interests.
  • Religion seen as 'opium of the people' - brainwashes the working class
  • They then enter a false class consciousness where they are unaware of the true nature of the exploitation.
  • Ideological apparatus -
    • Legitimating social inequality
    • Disguising the true nature of the exploitation
    • Keeping the working class passive and resigned to their fate
  • Halevy (1927) - Europian revolution
  • Leach (1988) - 'Church of the Ruling Class' - heads of the Church graduate from Oxbride.
  • Hook (1990) - Influence of the Pope.
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  • Fails to explain secularisation
  • Not always a servant to the ruling class.
  • Not central to people's lives anymore
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