keywords in family and life for sociology.

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A couple living together without being married.

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Nuclear Family

The functionalists ideal family;- mother, father and children (married)

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single parent family

Only one parent bringing up the chidren, either due to family loss,  divorce, or break up.

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Extended Family

where there is a mother, father, children, and either grandparents, or additional carer, all living together.  

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woman and man being legally join together.

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A married couple being legally separated.

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dual conjunctional role.

feminist view that5 women do all of the household work, and child care.

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triple shift

belief that women now hold up a job, whilst doing the housework, and child care. i.e. doing a triple shift.

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man and woman equality

the functionalist view that women and mens roles are becoming more equal, i.e. women now uphold jobs

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Spelt *divorce*

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