Topic 4- social inequality.

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Social stratification

Putting people into layers of status, based on their social class.

(lower, middle or upper class).

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Social Class

A person's social class is their status in life.

There are three main classes, upper , middle and lower class.

This used to be based on many different things such as , where you live, your name, your mother or father's job.

Now days it is usually based on yours or your parent's job.

And yours or their wealth/income.

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Life chances

Depending on your class, you have a certain amount of life chances.

For example, someone of upper class would have a good chance of getting a well payed job and having a average or above average life.

Where as someone that belongs to the lower class would have a very small chance if this lifestyle and would have to work alot harder to get it.

Your life chances can sometimes be decided on the school/ college you go to, i.e Eton.

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Absolute and relative poverty

Relative poverty is when you think or may be lacking the things others around you have, but you do have the basic essentials to live off of and have a stable life.

Absolute poverty is usually seen in third world countries, this is when you do not have the basic essentials to live of off.

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