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The termination of a marriage due to irretrievable breakdown

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Divorce rates

Number divorcing per 1,000 married population in a given year

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Divorce statistics

Men and woman in their late twenties have the highest divorce rates out of all age groups.

1998 an average age of divorce in england and wales has risen to 44 years when it was at 40.4 for men and for women it has risen from 37.9 to 41.5 years.

one in five men and women divorcing in 2008 had a previous marriage ending in divorce and this has yet almost doubled from 1981.

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Reasons for Divorce

Wilkinsons "Genderquake"

An increase in feminism

Changing world with traditional values being less important (Beck & Beck-Gernsheim)

Hart suggests women are frustrated at their "double burden"

Gidden says we are looking for 'confluent love' where both partners feel fulfilment and satisfaction in the relationship

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Changes of the law

Before 1857 - Divorce was only passed by private act of parliment

Matrimonial Causes Act 1857 - allowed divorces on proof of a matrimonial offence however women had to show adultery plus a second offence. Equality was introduced in 1923.

Matrimonial causes act 1937 - Extends matrimonial offences to include cruelty and insanity.

Legal aid and advice act 1949 - making it financially easier to obtain a divorce.

Divorce reform act 1969 - removes matrimonial offences and introduced the concept of 'irretrievable breakdown'

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Who is most likely to divorce

Age for example women under the age of 20 that married in the 1980s approximatly 25% divorced.

Social class mainly includes that of the husband.

Marital status of their family includes divorce prone children.

other factors can be mismatched couples e.g ethnicity, age, religion and social outlook.

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