Choose whats area to specialise in
They advise clients and complete a lot of paper work
There are over 100,000 solicitors practising in the uk
Most of these will work in partnership with other solicitors and will specialise in particular areas of the law
Clients will directly approach solicitors for legal advice
Solicitors are able to solve many legal issues through letter writing and negotiation
If this is not possible they will prepare all necessary court documents and MAY represent their client in court.
If not they may instruct a barrister to advocate in court on behalf of their client
The relationship between solicitor and client is a contractual one
This means that they can sue their client if they don't pay (this is breach of contract)
But they can also be sued if their practise is negligent
Law degree-3 years
Or any degree + CPE (common professional exam) - 4 years in total
Legal practice course (LPC) - 1 year
Training contact 2 years (can take a longtime)
Name is added to the rolls of Supreme Court

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