Soufriere hills Montserrat Volcano 25 JUNE 1997

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Nature of event

Soufriere hills composite volcano Montserrat

Montserrat is above a destructive plate margin where North American Plate forced under Caribbean plate

About 4-5 million cubic metres material released over 20 minute period 

Further eruptions occuered over next few months and airport destroyed by pyroclastic flows 

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Social impacts- Soufriere Hills volcano

19 people killed & 7 injured

100s people homeless

Fires destroyed many buildings e.g. local gov offices, police HQ and petrol stations

Population declined - 4000 came to UK

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Economic impacts- Soufriere hills volcano

Total loss in value of people's homes and investments - £1 billion

<20 villages & 2/3 homes on island destroyed by pyroclastic flows

Tourists stayed away- businesses destroyed - disrupting economy. 

however tourism now increasing people wanna see volcano

Schools, hospital, airport and port destroyed

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Environmental impacts- Soufriere hills volcano

Large areas covered volcanic material

Capital city Plymouth buried under 12m mud and ash

Volcanic ash eruption- improved soil fertility 

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responses- Soufriere hills volcano

People evacuated from south to safe areas in the north- 1st evaucations = 1995

Shelters built house evacuees

Temporary infrastructure built e.g. roads and electricity supplies

UK provided £17 million emergency aid (Montserrat overseas territory of UK)

Risk map created and exclusion zone in place- South of Island off-limits whilst colcano intermittently active

Montserrat Volcano Observatory set up - try predict future eruptions 

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Management- Soufriere hills volcano

Scientists studied event 1980s- reports not given a lot of attention  Y U IGNORE US

No disaster management plan 4 volcanic eruption SO... responses slow

In 1990s key infrastructure had been built areas @ risk - when volcano erupted = destroyed

- this further hampered response

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