Spartan Males Lives and Education

the education of spartan males and their lives later on


Spartan Males (XENOPHON I)

Lyrcurgus made it disgraceful for a husband to enter his wicves house when first married

"for he made is disgraceful for a man to be seen entering or leavging his wife's apartment"

A man could choose to have children but didn;t have to be married to the women.

""If a man did not wish to live with a wife, but wanted children it was legal for him to select a woman who was mother of fine children and have children with her."

It was up to an outside observer to say whether a child from sparta was a spartann depending on his attributes

"it is up to the observer to decide whether he had managed to make the Spartans outstanding in stature in strength"

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Spartan Males (XENOPHON II - part1)

Lycurgus put a man in chatrge of the boys education who ahd the authroity to inspect and punish.
"Lycurgus put in charge of all of them a man, called the Paidonomos, and Lycurgus gave gim authority to assemble the boys, inspect them and punish any faults severly"

The boys were only allowed one garment to wear all year and had to be barefoot
"Lycurgus decreed they should harden them by going barefoot"
"he decreed that they should habitually wear one garment all the year round"

They had to learn to survive without food, but were allowed to steal if they weren;t caught. LINK TO ALTAR OF ARTEMIS ORTHMA - 12 YR OLDS STEAL CHEESE WHILE BEING WHIPPED BY OLDER BOYS IF TOO SLOW/CAUGHT (" a brief moment of pauin can bring joy of enduring  fame")
"each contribution at such a level that those brought up in such a regime should be burderened by over eating or be without experience of going short."
""he did permit them to steal somethingto alleviate their hunger"
"he decreed a severe flogging if anyone was caught"

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Spartan Males (XENOPHON II - part2)

The boys always had someone in charge of them as if their supervisor was not around and misconduct was noticed, any spartan citizen could deal out the punishment
"Lycurgus laid it down that any citizen who was present could five the boys whatever instructions seemed necessary, or punish any misconduct"

Men and boys could be friends as long as it remains honourable as it is a form of education (mentors) - homosexual acts were forbidden.
" if an honourable man admired a boys character and wished it become his friend in all innocence and spend time with him, this is a fine form of education."
"if a man had clear physical attraction to the boy he was classed as a heinous disgrace"

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Spartan Males (XENOPHON III, IV, V, VI)

III: The boys were given a gruelling regime as he grew up so he had as little free time as possible"
"them to the most demanding regime, and arranged for them to have as little free time as possible"

IV: He made the boys compete against each other as it made them better warriors
"if he could induce the spirit of competition among the young in the field of virtue, this would bring them to the highest levels of manliness"

V: He created communal messses for the men to eat together, and keep each other in check.
"he therefore instituted the public messes, believeing that this would be the most effective check on disobediance."   VI:  

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Spartan Males (PLUTARCH 12)

Every male had to put in the food for their mess.
"Each member of the mess would contribute every month"

The men had to dine at the mess unless he had made sacrifice or was late back from hunting
"for whenever anyone made a sacrifice or was back late from hunting, he was allowed to have dinner at home. but others had to be at the mess"

Boys used the mess for political education and learning to how to take banter.
"for them it was like being brought to a school for self discipline, where they both heard political discussion"
"they would grow used to making fun and joking without becoming indecent, as well as learning not to take offence when being the **** of the joke.

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