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Loving & Obeying Nabi (saw)

What does it mean to BELIEVE in him?

  • Accepting he is FINAL Messenger
  • Take him as IMAAM of your life


What do we get from OBEYING him (saw)?

  • If you obey me, Allah will LOVE you and FORGIVE you your sins.
  • Who loves my sunnat its as though he loves me - attains my companianship in Jannat

How to do we Obey?

By CLINGING to his Sunnat

How do we cling to the sunnat?

Through LOVE.

  • Sahaba's EMULATED every aspect of his character OUT OF LOVE
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Loving & Obeying Nabi (saw) cont.

Why must we LOVE him (saw)?

None of you will BELIEVE until I am more beloved to you than your Children/Family/Wealth

What does it mean to LOVE him?

  • Inclining to his Outwardly Perfection
  • To his Inwardly Perfection
  • Inclining towards the benefit we can gain from his as THE PERFECT EXAMPLE
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Methods of Tazkiyya

What methods did Nabi (saw) use to do Tazkiyya of the Sahaba's?

  • Naseehat: Who is strong? One who battles his nafs in anger. First 3 people to enter Hell,  Aalim, Shuhada, Charity giver - Why? all hand intention of Ostentaion.
  •  Suhbat: O you who believe, fear Allah and be with those who are true. You will be with whom you love
  • Practical Instruction: Medicine for spirtual health. Everything has a cleansing agent and cleansing agent of the heart is Zikr of Alllah.
  • Touch of Nabi (saw): New muslim had hatred in his heart, planned to kill Nabi (saw), he called him, placed hand on chest, Never loved anyone as much as Nabi (saw) after. 
  • Answering Questions: Many Hadith in Q & A form. Method of teachng
  • Duaa: Along with practical help, Nabi (saw) prayed for sahaba's. e.g. Sahaba who came to ask permission 4 zina, asked Qs of whether he'd like wife/sister/mother to be in such position, then made duaa for him. 
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Results of Tazkiyya

QURB: The removal of Nisyaan (forgetfulness) and protection from Isyaan (sins). 

NISBAT: Just as a normal cloth is more valuable when used to wrap quraan, a Mu'min is more valuable when they gain QURB to Allah and this CONNECTION is known as Nisbat.

What does Nisbat - DIVINE CONNECTION mean?

  • Perpetual Rememberance Remembering becomes HABIT, so much so that FUNCTION of the spiritual HEART reaches 100% and so are ALWAYS in state of rememberance.
  • Perpetual Radhaa: Rememberance leads to Pleasure of Allah, so As you CONSTANTLY remember, he is CONSTANLY pleased. and IF you slip, you immediatley repent = more radhaa. 
  • Nafs-e-Mutma'inna: State where DESIRES are compliant to shariah & Allah's wishes
  • Qalb-e-Saleem: No bad feelings in HEART. and any "bad" feeling e.g. anger, it is FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH.

This leads to removal of NISYAAN = Perpetual Rememberance. and Protection from ISYAAN = Noticing our MUJAHIDA he gives us protection.

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How Nisbat Manifests

Manifests in the form of NOOR:

  • Disbelievers lack Guidance so Lack noor - Are in Darkeneses upon Darknesses.
  • This Book revealed to bring Mankind OUT of DARKNESSES into the LIGHT
  • Sins = black spots on heart - build up = rust and DARK heart
  • Belief = NOOR - sins darken noor - Nisbat BRIGHTENS noor.
  • Faces BRIGHT 

FACES remind you of Allah: See affects of SAJDA on faces.

COMPANY has good affect.

DUAAS accepted: Bedraggled in appearance, yet when swear in name of Allah, He fulfills thier Qasm.

Allah's LOVE : Connection with Nabi (saw) - Allah's beloved, Leads to connection with Allah. 

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100% Remembrance

PERPETUAL REMEMBRANCE leads to NISBAT - so becomes PEDESTAL for further manifestations of NISBAT. 

  • Remembering INTENTIONS: When every act is intended to PLEASE Allah, every act becomes a source of REMEMBERANCE of Allah. 

Hadhrat Sufyan As-Thauri (ra) - got dressed inside out - intention to dress for Allah - so did not change

Hadhrat Tauus (ra): Would not recite hadith until was sure intention was pure.  

  • Remembering your place - HUMILITY: When praised remind themselves of thier faults, and of Allah's Qudrat, When crticised are happy.
  • Remembering Allah - AWARENESS of Allah: Allah is WITH you wherever you are. Awareness of the Ma'iyyat. 

Hadhrat Ibn Umar to fasting Shepard. 

Shaykh Bahauddin, favoured student, did not kill chicken due to awareness of Allah. 

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Nisbat through people of Nisbat


Youth in community full of sin, went to carnival, left, met up, were given a sleep for many years.

Dog of the group, due to its nisbat, with this group of youth that had Allah's nisbat, was mentioned in quraan and even said to get Jannat. 

Allah swears by MOUNT TOOR and MAKKAH:

Thay have connection to His beloved.

YUSUF (as) respected CHILD who TESTIFIED for him. 

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Hadhrat Abu Bakr's Tazkiyya

Excelled in the sciences of tazkiyya, Why?

He had SUHBAT of Nabi (saw):

Quaan:As one of the two when in the cave" grouped together - mai'yyat.

Hadhrat Ali predicted the 3 sahaba's would be together, "Hadhrat Abu bakr, Umar and I" a phrase Nabi (saw) would say - resting places joined.

Nabi (saw) was his teacher.

Learnt through being close. Best way for student to learn is through PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION, which student then implements. Best of teachers.

He emulated Nabi (saw) out of pure LOVE.

Both had similar thought processes - Sulah Hudaibiya - Badr captives - never drinking/participating in poetry. due to EXTREME LOVE: 3 things beloved to him. 1.LOVE to gave @ BELOVED face. 2. LOVE to SPEND on him (saw) 3. LOVE that DAUGHTER married to You (saw).

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How to Attain nisbat



"And those who strive for us - we will surely guide them..."

Cause & Effect: One who tries will be guided


Intention to GAIN NISBAT = Pre-Requisite.

Student lived with teacher, saw no change, asked what was you intention? wanted to be wali to help others. Not BAD intention. BUT not RIGHT intention- Gaining Nisbat-Radhaa 1st.


Won't be given something VALUABLE until you YEARN for it. 

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Ways to Attain Nisbat

  • State of Whudhu: Inward and Outward purity. Always ready for ibaadat.
  • Constant Remembrance: I sit with who remembers me.
  • Controlling desires: Must get desires under control to slowly make Nafs-e-Mutamainna
  • Modesty & Humility: No being who submits before Allah except that Allah raises him up. Pride creeps in when start sucessing in mujaahida - only reached level through Allah.
  • Following Sunnat: Being Obedient to Allah requires Obedience to Nabi (saw)
  • Connecting with People of Nisbat: Suhbat - Follow the way of those who turn back to me.
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Hurdles in Nisbat

  • SINS: Staying away from sins stops build up of black dots and increases inclination towards guidance. Creates spiritual distance between 1 & Allah. Sins lead to Vcious Cycle. Deprives from Good deeds.
  • HURTING OTHERS: Part of tazkiyya is Inter-Personal relationships.Great Man gives bed to cat.
  • PRIDE & ARROGANCE: Destroys a persons spiritual state leads to hypocrisy.
  • BAD COMPANY: bad friends will pull you away from nisbat.
  • DISRESPECT: respecting is very important.
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Adab & Respect


ADAB in:

Beautfying actions

Ilm: Hadhrat Umar: That First one should learn ADAB and then ilm - Will not gain for ilm if you have no ADAB - value/respect for it.  

Makhlad Bin Hussain: More needy of ADAB than MANY AHADTIH

Protection from shaytaan: Abu Laith: Adab = Outermost fortress against Shaytaan



Unique in being loved, praised, worshipped, obeyed, sacrificed for, wept too and begged from.

and Knowing his BLESSINGS: drowning in them

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Adab of prophets:

Nooh (as): Son - died kaafir - said you would save my ahl - do not say what you do not know - lowered himself, sought refuge, mercy and forgiveness.

Ibrahim (as):  He gives guidance, sustenance, when ill cures me - attributes positive to Allah and Negative to himself

Ayoob (as): Many Hardships in life, simply asks for mercy, no complaints. 

Isa (as): Allah asks did you tell men to consider you as God?, He does not say no, rather praises him - teaching us how to converse to Allah - with praise.

Musa (as): Hungry but asks I am in need of whatever good you bestow on me.

Nabi (saw): Mi'raj, sight does not turned to a side nor tansgress limits, PURE adab, down to his very gaze, did not wander or stare. 

Pious predecessors: Bishar Hafi (ra): Non-Muslim raised a paper with Allah's name - heart switched to deen - became wali of Allah - walk on earth barefoot from respect.

Hdhrat Salim (ra): Doing tawaaf, king came, turned him away, later king said ask me about Dunya - why when i never ask Allah?

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Adab for Nabi (saw)

ESSENTIAL to our Deen, to HONOUR and RESPECT him.

1. Don't raise voice: Hadhrat Thabit Bin Qais hid - ahl jahannam - no from ahl Jannat

2. Do not adress messenger as you would each other: Would say Ya nabi etc. 

3. Urwa Bin Masud - relating to Mushriks about EXTREME RESPECT - compete to get water, take spit in hand. ITTIBAA - when he orders rush to fulfill. ITAA'AT - When he speaks lower voice.LOVE - gaze at him with love & respect.

4. Knock on door with nails

5. Pulpit - each khalifa used lower level - showing adab of Nabi (saw) and his Inheritors.

6. Adab of Masjid-e-nabwi - Not raising voice - hadhrat Umar chastising.  

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