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Range and Scope of Sponsorship

Individulas - Individual sponsorship deals

The athlete is given money to endorse a good e.g wearing a specific brand of foot wear (Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike)

Teams and clubs - Payments made to the teams and used foe equipment and kit

Sports - Major sponsorship associated with the sport to promote leagues or competitions

Events - big events such as the olympic games attract many sponsors because it increases publicity

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Unacceptable Sponsorship

ANYTHING associated with poor health e.g. smoking and alcohol

It would be unacceptable for a youth team to be sponsored by Carling as it would promote unhealthy habiats and underage drinking, which is against the law. Instead the youth team could be sponsored by Nike which would be more beneficial to them as Nike may be able to provide equipment that will help them advance their skills.

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Effects of Sponsorship

- Provision of equipment, clothing accessories, facilites and transport/travel

- Entry fees and expenses paid e.g. holtel bills

Depending on who the sponsor is and what the deal between team/perfotmer is will depend on how they will be effected by it.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


Increased revenue for sponsor

Gives sponsor a good image

Helps promote sport which could increase participation

Provides financial suport for athlete


Sponsors can withdraw if the image of the sport is damaged

Difficult of minority (less well known) Sports to get sponsorship

Sponsors may start to dictate changes e.g. to the rules, clothing, timings etc

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Role Models

Role Models - People that others aspire to be like and should therefore set a good example.


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Role Models

How can role models SHAPE ATTITUDES?

- They way in which they play e.g. fairly, abiding by the rules or unfairly playing against the rules

- Setting trends

- The way in which they conduct themselves in both their sporting and private life.


-  By being an inspiration

- By being successful through good performances

- By representing a group e.g. ethnic group, gender group or disability

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