Strengths and weaknesses of the Weimar Constitution


The Weimar Constitution- Head of State

Head of State- President 

  • Head of Weimar Republic
  • Every 7 years elected by the people
  • Had a few important political powers e.g. President chose the chancellor 
  • Could suspend the constitution 
  • could pass laws by decree
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The Weimar Constitution- Government


  • Head of gov. for the Weimar republic
  • Choses all gov. ministers 


  • main decision-making body of the gov. 
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The Weimar Constitution-Parliament


  • made up of 2 houses- Reichstag & Reichsrat
  • Usually, all laws had to pass through both house
  • Proportional Representation 


  • most powerful house
  • controlled taxation 
  • elected by the people at least once every 4 years


  • elected evry 4 years
  • represented regions of Germany
  • Each region sent a number of reps depending on their size
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The Electorate

  • Consists of all men & women of 21 and over
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Strengths of the Weimar Constitution

  • Proportional representation- small parties had a fair share of seats
  • Women allowed to vote
  • Voting age lowered- 25-21
  • No single group or person could have too much power
  • Election for president every 7 years
  • Central gov. more powerful now, local gov. still had power in the regions
  • Reichsrat could regulate power of Reichstag by delaying new laws
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Weaknesses of the Weimar Constitution

  • Proportional rep. led to coalition govs. that were unstable or difficult to have strong policies and often fell apart 
  • Lack of strong gov. in crises led the president to pass laws without the prior consent of the Reichstag
  • Article 48 of the constitution allowed the President to do so
  • Not the choice of the people so it was not popular 
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Making of the Weimar Constitution

  • The democratic gov. established in the drawing of a new constitution 
  • Created on the 31 July 1919
  • Done in the town of Weimar not Berlin because there was still unrest there
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