super human


product context on super human

- The advertisement Superhuman was created to promote the 2020 Paralympic Games by Bradford Young.

- It was devised and created by Channel 4’s in-house creative agency 4Creative and produced by Serial Pictures and Somesuch a global production company.

- The advertisement explores the sacrifices made and the trials endured by Paralympic athletes in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

- The trailer is the third campaign for the Paralympics undertaken by Channel 4

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historical context

Channel 4 won Paralympic broadcasting rights in 2010. 

- For their first Paralympic games coverage in 2012 Channel 4 created a campaign called ‘Meet the Superhumans’

- In 2016 it was entitled ‘We’re the Superhumans’

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social/cultural context

The advertisement seeks to focus on the fact that these are real people ‘Human’ rather than ‘Super’ which may make them more accessible to the audience.

- The representation of disability in this advertisement is affected by social and cultural circumstances. Channel 4 has taken the active decision to present the athletes neither as victims nor as heroes but just ordinary sportsmen and women facing extraordinary challenges.

- This constructs a more compelling social narrative reflecting the appetite of the time for success stories that are accessible. you can see this at the beginning of the advert as the real life begins

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#we the 15

1. Channel 4 wanted to support the launch of #Wethe15 a campaign aimed at increasing awareness that people with disabilities make up 15% of the population.

2. C4 created a #WeThe15 on-air ident with an overlayed purple filter that covered 15% of the screen.

3. following that there were a lot of social media posts and announcements

 4. To fuel conversations on disability, they also re-surfaced the We Don’t Disability collection putting it on the homepage and driving a 2,000% spike in visits to the collection compared to the previous day.

5. after about a month c4 aired the we the 15 campaign

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tik tok in super human

 The Hub gave fans and at home a banner on TikTok’s Discover page and tailored push notifications around big moments in the Games.

Throughout the Games, the 4Studio team created daily, gold medal-worthy content especially for the TikTok community, including behind-the-scenes footage, events and medals highlights, and intimate moments with athletes.

the Paralympics used social media in a good way as they elevated all their information onto apps like tik tok to achieve a larger demographic.

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