Talent identification programmes

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Talent ID considerations

  • Physiological factors (fitness)
  • Anthropometry (height in volleyball/rowing)
  • Psychological factors (mental toughness)
  • Hereditary factor or natural advantages
  • Sociological cultural factors (family support)
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Reasons for using TIPs

  • Potential performers can be identified & helped to reach elite level
  • Performers can be directed to sports most suited to their talents
  • The development process can be accelerated
  • The chances of producing medallists are improved
  • They provide a coordinated approach between organisations 
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Characteristics of an effective TIP

  • Widespread testing programme/equal opportunities/testing at different age groups/schools
  • Knowledgeable/high quality scouts/high quality coaches able to spot talent
  • Physiological/psychological skills testing/high quality testing facilities
  • Database for comparison
  • Co-ordinated approach between organisations
  • Structured competition/progression routes/development squads 
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