The 1948 Presidential Election


The Candidates

Republicans= Thomas Dewey

Democrats= Harry Truman, Henry Wallace, Storm Thurmand

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Democratic Nomination

The Democratic party had split into three fractions, thus they had three candidates.

Harry Truman was president from 1946 when Roosevelt dies. Quite a few people did not like him and wanted to get rid of him.

As a result people approach Eisenhower to run but he declined. In the end Truman stood for re-election, however people split from the party to form seperate organisations

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Seperate Parties

Henry A Wallace- Progressive Party

Believed Truman was too tough on the Soviet Union

Storm Thurmond- 'Dixiecrats' (Deep South Democrats)

He was against African Americans from getting Civil Rights, whic Truman was working towards.

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Republican Nomination

Thomas Dewey- Governor of New York

Dewey was dull, he was advised not to sat much as he would be more likely to win due to democrat split. Comments he did make however included 'America your future is ahead of you'

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The Campaign

Truman attacked Dewey, for not saying anything also refered to the Republican Congress as a 'do nothing congress'

This was the first election to use election films.

Dewy spend vasts amount on his, however it turned out to be low quality and ineffective. Where as Truman's was relatively low cost and was well put together.

It portrayed him to be a great person.

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