The Influence of Culture and Religion


The Influence of Culture and Religion on a person'

Development is influenced by a person's culture, the community and their beliefs (spiritual and religious).

  • Clothing
  • Food- judaism- Kosher, Islam- Halal, Buddhist-Vegetarian 
  • Children
  • Sexuality 
  • Marriage
  • Where you live
  • Job
  • Friends
  • Music
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Health Risks and Benefits

Dietary Restrictions

  • Jewish people can't eat shellfish.
  • Buddhists are vegetarian.
  • Islam only eat halal and don't drink.
  • Muslims don't eat pork. 

Health Benefits

  • High fibre and/or low fats diet- lower risk of high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Reduced risk of cancers and heart disease if alcohol/stimulants are restricted. 

Health Risks

  • Limits the food that they can eat, lack of calcium, iron, vitamin B12, D and protein.
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Health Risks and Benefits 2


  • Muslims- Ramadan
  • Mormons- first sunday of each month 

Health Benefits 

  • Healthy weight loss if done properly, reduced cholesterol levels, detoxification.

Health Risks

  • Heartburn, constipation, malnourishment, dehydration, exacerbation of existing conditions such as diabetes and stress.
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Health Risks and Benefits 3

Medical Interventions

  • Jehova's Witnesses don't believe in blood transfusions. 

Health Risks 

  • They may die if they do not have the transfusion
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Social and Emotional effects of Culture and Belief

Positive Effects

  • People share the same values, beliefs and religion.
  • People feel accepted and supported by others.
  • People feel valued by others because of their values, beliefs and religions. 

Negative Effects

  • People are discriminated against because of their values, beliefs and religions. 
  • People feel excluded because of tehir values, beliefs or religion.
  • A person's culture is ignored or not understood. 
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