The Role of Solicitors and Barristers



Becoming A Barrister

  • Academic stage - Inn of Court - Bar Professional Training Course - Called to the Bar -Pupillage

Barristers in Criminal Cases

  • The cab-rank rule applies.
  • Solicitors contact them first.
  • Main role is advocacy - Preparing opening/closing speeches and acting on behalf of the client.
  • Offer legal objective advice to solicitors.

Barristers in Civil cases

  • Give specialist opinions after being instructed by a solicitor.
  • Can conduct case conferences.
  • Able to represent clients at all levels of court and can be involved in the appeal process.
  • Can prepare a case for trial on the instruction of a solicitor.
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Becoming a Solicitor

  • Academic stage - Solicitors Regulation Authority - Legal Practice Course - Training Contract - Roll of Solicitors.

Solicitors in Criminal Cases

  • Provide legal advice and prepare court documents.
  • Interviewing, meeting experts and witnesses.
  • Have rights of audience but only in the Magistrates Court.
  • Can be involved in the appeal process.

Solicitors in Civil Cases

  • Give advice and negotiate for client.
  • Preapring court documents and corresponding on behalf of client.
  • May instruct a barrister to take on the case if it is more complex.
  • Commonly used for civil disputes 
  • Can represent clients at a County Court level.
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