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Act Summary - Act 1

  • The play opens with a storm that is wrecking a ship at sea

  • On land, Prospero explains that he created the storm and Miranda urges him not to hurt anyone

  • Prospero explains the past and tells her that he was overthrown by his brother, Antonio

  • Ariel is summoned and reassures them that no one was hurt by taking Ferdinand from the ship and to Prospero

  • Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love

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Act Summary - Act 2

  • Antonio and Sebastian try to cheer up Alonso who fears that his son is dead

  • They talk about their clean and dry clothes (Prospero’s magic) and Gonzalo talks about Utopia

  • Ariel puts Alonso to sleep while Antonio urges Sebastian to kill Alonso and take the throne

  • They both draw their swords but Ariel wakes Alonso before he is killed

  • Trinculo meets Caliban, and Caliban thinks that Trinculo is a spirit that is sent to torture him

  • Stephano enters drunk, Stephano and Trinculo get Caliban so drunk that he believes that Stephano is a God

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Characters (1)

Prospero – Miranda’s father, overthrown by his brother and Alonso, takes over the island with Miranda and keeps Ariel and Caliban as slaves, used to be the Duke of Milan, represented by magic and power (magic was seen as a science)

Miranda – Prospero’s daughter, falls in love with and marries Ferdinand, quite emotional and sensitive

Ferdinand – Miranda’s husband, Alonso’s son, on the ship during the storm but separated from the rest of the characters, controlled by Prospero to fall in love with Miranda

Antonio – Prospero’s brother, usurps his brother and becomes the new Duke of Milan while working with Alonso, promised Alonso that Milan would become joint with Naples (where Alonso is King of)

Alonso – father of Ferdinand, King of Naples and helps Antonio to overthrow his brother

Claribel – Alonso’s daughter who has just got married to the King of Tunis, storm happens after coming home from going to the wedding of Claribel

Sebastian – Alonso’s brother, wants to kill Gonzalo with Antonio and the others so that he can gain power, does not repent

Ariel – spirit that works for Prospero, previously kept captive by Sycorax for 12 years but Prospero says if he follows his orders he will release him

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Characters (2)

Caliban – Prospero’s slave, son of Sycorax and serves Prospero and his daughter, tells Miranda he will **** her that he has only been taught how to ‘curse’ even though Prospero and Miranda taught him to speak, represents nature and the native population

Gonzalo – old and wise counsellor, helps Prospero and Miranda when they were usurped, delivers his books and magic to Prospero when they move to the island

Stephano and Trinculo – always drunk, providing comedy throughout certain parts of the play, comedy characters, Trinculo is a jester and Stephano is the butler

Boatswain – orders the rest of the characters in the first act of the play, tells the other characters what they should do during the storm

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Act Summary - Act 3

  • The scene opens with Ferdinand hauling logs to prove to Prospero that he loves Miranda

  • Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban run out of alcohol and so they talk about how Prospero tortures Caliban

  • They plot to steal Prospero’s magic and take over the island

  • Alonso and the others search for Ferdinand until they are exhausted

  • Ariel creates a feast with music for those who had searched for Caliban and then accuses Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian of deposing Prospero 12 years before

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Exam Questions (2)

2. Proposition statement (e.g. ‘The lovers are the chief source of hope’ )à Using your knowledge of the play as a whole, explain how far you agree with this view of The Tempest. Remember to support your answer with reference to different interpretations. (15 marks)

AO1 - Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression.

AO2 - Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts.

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Exam Questions (1)

1. Discuss the following the passage from … exploring Shakespeare’s use of language and dramatic effects. (15 marks)

AO1 - Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression.

AO5 - Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations.

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Act Summary - Act 4

  • Prospero decides that Ferdinand has proven that he loves Miranda, so he calls on Greek goddesses to witness their marriage

  • Prospero has Ariel lay out clothes for Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo, and when they take the bait, invisible dogs bite them

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Act Summary - Act 5

  • Prospero has Ariel bring the King and his party to him, where he reveals himself as Prospero

  • Prospero praises Gonzalo and then scolds Alonso, but then forgives him

  • Alonso is repentant and their relationship is restored, they talk about his son and Prospero reveals that Ferdinand is alive

  • Prospero releases Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo and frees Ariel and plans to go back to Milan with the King and his friends

  • Epilogue – Prospero asks that audience’s forgiveness and their permission for him to leave the stage at the end of the play

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