The 7 Leisure and Tourism Components

(OCR) To help you know the 7 components of the Leisure and Tourism industry.


The 7 Components- Very Cold LATTE!

Can you name them all?

V  Thorpe Park ( Warwick Castle ( LDelta Force Paintball ( A Marriott Hotels (

           T   Thomas Cook Tour Operator ( T   Sinapore Airlines (  ETen Pin Bowling (


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ANSWERS- The 7 Components- Very Cold LATTE!

The Answers!

V isitor Attractions

C ultural

L eisure                      

A ccomodation         T ravel                       

T ourism                  E ntertainment

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Visitor Attractions

Visitor Attractions

T      Cadbury World (

A    Thorpe Park (  

G    Tate Modern (


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Visitor Attractions- The Answers!

Visitor Attractions- The Answers!

T  hemed Attractions e.g.CadburyWorld                       

musement Parks                                               e.g. Thorpe Park

G alleries                                                                e.g. TATE Modern

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 SBasildon Park (

MNatural History Museum (

CWarwick Castle (

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more to come!

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