The Black Hand

Information about the Black Hand terrorist group and their movements before the assassination in Sarajevo.

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Who were they?

  • Terrorist group formed in 1910
  • Led by a Serb colonel called Dragutin Dimitrijevic (codename Apis)
  • They organised groups of bandits and assassins
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What they wanted to achieve and their assassinatio

  • Wanted to unite all Serbs living in Balkans into a single 'Greater Serbia'
  • 1911 - they attempted to assassinate the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef
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The Death in Sarajevo - why?

  • 1914 - Black Hand decide to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand , heir to throne of Austria - Hungary
  • Why? Wanted to destabilise the Austro - Hungarian empire
  • And wanted to publically oppose Austria - Hungary's annexation of Bosnia
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More about Franz Ferdinand

  • He was known to favour increased civil rights for Slavs
  • Black Hand feared that if Ferdinand succeeded in granting Serbs greater freedom, they would be happy to remain under Austro - Hungarian rule, and support for a Greater Serbia would weaken.
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