The New Deal


The New Deal

Alphabet Agencies (federal agencies): These were the new acts that Roosevelt introduced to create jobs and help people get back on their feet after the Wall Street Crash.

Emergency Banking Act: All the banks were closed for 4 days- only the ones with a stable amount of money could re-open.

Father Coughlin: Thought FDR was 'anti-god'. He didn't like that nothing was being done about the KKK in southern states. He set up the National Union for Social Justice.

Fireside chats: Speeches Roosevelt gave on the radio. It urged listeners to have faith in the New Deal.

Francis Townsend: The elderly were'nt being helped. 'Townsend Plans' was his idea which he believed was better than the New Deal. His idea was that the Government would help the Elderly through pensions.

Hundred days: The time in which Roosevelt completed a significant amout of work

Huey Long: Thought his alternative to the New Deal was better. He thought Roosevelt hadn't done enough to help. 

Republicans: Thought the New Deal had gone too far. They thought American people were too dependent on the Government.

Supreme Court: They didn't like Roosevelt making decicions himself. They thought he was acting as a DICTATOR would.

Unconstitutional: The Supreme Court got rid of some Alphabet Agencies. This made them 'Unconstitutional'.

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