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Where is it?

  • North-West of the world. 
  • West of the United Kingdom.  
  • Below Canada and above Mexico.
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The Physical and Natural Features

  • Deserts And Valleys:

e.g. Central Valley; The Painted Desert

  • Lakes:

e.g. Lake George; Great Salt Lake

  • Mountain Ranges:

e.g. Mount Evans; Lassen Peak

  • Rivers:

e.g. The Bighorn River; The Alabama River

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The Human Features

  • Empire State Building - New York City
  • Statue Of Liberty - New York City
  • Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC
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What Is a Stereotype And What Are The Stereotypes

  • A steryotype is what a large group of people label another group of people by what they look like rather than knowing them personally.
  • The steryotypes of the USA, are normally that they eat lots and are quite fat. They also are labelled as lazy.
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The Oceans Around The USA

  • North Atlantic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
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Similarities between the USA and UK

  • same language
  • MEDC
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Differences Between The USA and UK

  • The Goverment: The USA goverment don't agree how the UK goverment run the country
  • Currency
  • USA = President
  • UK = Queen
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How Do You Know That The USA Is An MEDC?

  • There isn't very much poverty
  • The goverment have a large tax base
  • Most of the people have good jobs and make quite a lot of money
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What Are Some Differences Between The USA And Keny

  • 11.2 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS in Kenya
  • die 19.42 years earlier in Kenya
  • make 96.55% less money in Kenya
  • 4.3 times more chance of being unemployed in Kenya
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Three Development Indicators That We Can Use To Co

  • Birth Rate -

UK: 13 children per 1000 people per year

USA: 15 children per 1000 people per year

  • Population

UK: 58.3 million

USA: 268.3 million

  • Food Costs

UK: £480

USA: 6847$

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What Major Disaster Affected San Francisco? Why Di

  • The Bay Bridge Earthquake
  • Techtonic plates rubbed together and movement forces waves of energy to come to the earth's surface.
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Why Does Los Angeles Have A Pollution Problem?

  • Smog is cause by photochemical reactions in the air
  • Los Angeles must have different chemicals in their air which causes smog.
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How Does The Climate Of An Area Affect What Lives/

  • If the place is cold, the animals will eventually adapt to it, but if they are taken there suddenly, they will probably not adapt very well
  • Some plants will probably not live for very long in freezing or really hot temperatures as they arent used to it.
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Drawing And Reading Climate Graphs


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Comparing The USA To An LEDC

  • Different amounts of money spent on different things
  • Lifstyle differences
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