The Use of Nazi Propaganda

How was propaganda used in Nazi Germany?


Propaganda Types


  • 1000s of films were made by Nazis-  mostly love stories, comedies, adventures or political films to set example.
  • Some were Anti-Jewish, Anti-Communist or Anti-British
  • Goebbels wanted people to be entertained- this was how propagand worked best


  • Goebbels used radio extensively to spread Nazi ideas, Hitler's speeches, biassed news and nazi music, which would be played 24/7.
  • Goebbels developed the "people's radio"- a cheap reciever that would be given to people too poor to afford an ordinary radio. They could not recieve foreign signals.
  • Most public places had to turn on their radios for important Nazi broadcasts.
  • From 1938, loud speakers were put up on posts in the street.


  • Propaganda sometimes took the form of lies eg. whisper propaganda, planting false rumors 
  • School books were rewritten to include nazi ideas
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Propaganda Types


  • Goebbels was a master at posters
  • Thousands of  issues could be covered
  • Used simple, stark words and images
  • Even uneducated people could understand then.


  • Nazis took over most newspapers
  • Anti-nazi papers were banned
  • The Propaganda minsestry issued daily orders to papers.
  • People were encouraged to buy nazi papers and were threatened if subscriptions were cancelled.

Berlin Olympics

  • The olympics was decided before Hitler came to power,
  • Hitler wanted it to show superiority of the Aryan race
  • Lots of nazi symbols were on show
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Propaganda Types

Culture and Festivals

  • Only Nazi approved music was allowed
  • Theatre had to be either German history or nazi political drama
  • Many books were banned and taken from the shelves- there was also a special burning of books.
  • Many Nazi events were marked with festivals, marches and holidays eg. the anniversary of the Munich Putsch.

Rallies and Campaigns

  • Rallies and Campaigns were used to increase people's loyalty to the party
  • Each year, a mass rally at Nuremburg brough together thousands of people for parades and displays to raise funds for the party.
  • The most popular campaigns were for "One-pot sundays" Where families were expected to cook sunday lunch in a single pot and give the money saved to collectors.
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Propaganda Types

Restrictions on free expressions

  • Goebbels used censorship to control people's thoughts
  • Books were the first form of expression to be censored as 20000 books were burnt that were written by jews and communists on a huge bonfire in 1933
  • Libraries took forbidden books off the shelves and bookshelves were raided.
  • Entertainment and culture were censored as jazz music and the jitterbug dance were banned, purely because they oiginated from black people.
  • Modern art was condemmed as "Degenerate" and thrown out of galleries.
  • Films and plays were vetted for nu.dity and s.e.x scenes.
  • There was a law against malicious gossip in 1934- forbidding anti-nazi jokes and stories
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