Theme 1: Monarchy and Government - Personal and political qualities of the monarchs

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Henry VIII

  • Extend royal authority and pover over institutions and regions
  • Need for male heir
  • Increasingly egotistical, demanding and self righteous. Eratic and unpredictable
  • Theology, music, dancing, hunting
  • Highly educated - symbol of renewal and change
  • Decisive influence on war, Royal Supremacy and theology of the new CofE
  • Firmly in control of his govt
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Edward VI

  • Radical religious changes
  • Fell ill Jan 1553 and died in July
  • Evangelical protestantism - 1548-49 treatise on papal supremacy. Called Pope the Antichrist
  • Evangelical, hardworking and intelligent. Deep piety and interest in religious matters
  • Symbol of hope during Henry's reign, and of change at beginning of his own
  • Inherited throne at 9 - Earl of Somerset then Earl of Northumberland regents
  • 1552 - directly particpated in govt. Attempt to remove Mary from succession and put Jane Grey on throne. Policy of Edwards and Northumberlands
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  • Heir apparent in early years - declared illegitimate 1533
  • Reinstated in succession 1544 but made illegitimate by Edward in favour of Jane Grey
  • 1553 - refused to accept that she'd been made illegitimate. Resisted taking oath of supremacy until her mother died when she was threatened by execution
  • Determined to rule as monarch - used both Catholic and Protestant capable advisors
  • Drove match to Philip II. 
  • Determined to restore Catholicism
  • Continued to reform govt
  • Attempted to increase trade and respond to poverty
  • Generous, amiable and stubborn. 
  • Suffered depression and phantom pregnancies.
  • Devoted Catholic
  • Effective and responsive govt policies
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Elizabeth I

  • Difficult to discern own ideas and beliefs. Behaviour aimed at performing to an audience
  • Vain and jealous. Sharp tongued and bad tempered
  • Excluded from succession after early life as royal princess
  • Protected her royal prerogative. Determined to rule England herself
  • Cult of Gloriana
  • Moderate Protestant - traditional elements and reformed ones. 
  • Elizabethan settlement - the via media - a compromise
  • Hesitated on imp decisions - cautious attitude on politics, finance and war
  • Intelligent, hardworking and accomplished - spoke French, Spanish, Italian and Latin
  • Danced and hunted
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