Theme 1 - Key Ideas


Variation in QoL and Access to Housing

1.1 - What is Housing Tenure?

1.2 - What opportunities and constraints determine access to housing?

1.3 - How and why do these opportunities and contraints lead to patterns in housing

1.4 - How do quality of life and standards of living vary in urban areas?

1.5 - What issues arrise from these inequalities?

Case Study:

A case study of housing in an urban area: tenure, access, opportunities, constraints, patterns.

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Access to Services and Changing Provision

2.1 - How are services distributed in urban areas?

2.2 - What changes are being made in service provision

2.3 - Why are these changes taking place?

2.4 - How and why might these changes benefit or disadvantage groups of people?

2.5 - How and why does access to services in urban and rural areas vary between different groups of people?

Case Studies:

- A case study of the distribution and variation of retail service provision and the ways in which such provision is changing within ONE large urban area.

- A case study of ONE other service and of the factors which affect access to that service for different groups of people.

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3.1 - Where are people migrating into urban areas?

3.2 - Why are people migrating into urban areas?

3.3 - What are the impacts on the areas of origin and destination? Who gains? Who loses?

Case Study

A case study of rural to urban migration: patterns, reasons and impacts

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Planning Issues in Built Environments

4.1 - Who is involved in making planning decisions in residential areas?

4.2 - How and why do conflicts occur?

4.3 - How might sustainable residential areas be planned?

Case Study

A case study of one planning issue. Consider the plans, stakeholders and reasons for conflict

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Rural Change and Planning Issues

5.1 - How and why are rural areas changing?

5.2 - What issues are created by urban change?

5.3 - Why do urban dwellers seek increased access to rural areas? What conflicts arise?

5.4 - How can rural environments under pressure from visitors be managed to ensure a sustainable environmental and social future?

Case Study

A case study of conflict at the local scale related to the opportunities for leisure use of a rural environment and ways in which management attempts to balance change and sustainability.

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