Topic 1- Sociological Perspective of the family


Topic 1- What are Marxists perspective?

Family provides important functions for capitalism.

ZARESTKY- How family benefits capitalism= Sees family as an escape route from oppression& exploitation  from work.

ALTHUSSER- The ideological role of family= Socialising both pro-capitalist ideology

ENGLES- Family serves the intrests of the economy 

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Topic 1- What are the Feminists perspective?

Family reinforces gender inequality& patriarchy

Marxist Feminist- MARGARET  BENSTON= Doubly exploited as workers and as women

Liberal Feminist= Best way to improve the position of women is through social reforms

Radical Feminist= DELPHY& LEONARD= Family is a patriarchal instiution, women do most work, men get beneift 

KATE MILLET= Familes are characterized by patriachy 

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Topic 1- What are the New Rights perspective?

Supports traditional values&  instiutions- Traditional family life is under threat from social changes

MURRAY& MARSLAND= Argues welfare state underminds personal responsibility and self help

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Topic 1- What are Functionalists perspective?

Importance of the nucleur family, the universbaility& changing functions

MURDOCK= Universal instiution- 4 BASIC FUNCTIONS:


2.Stable Satisfaction of sex drive

3. Socialisation 

4. Economic needs


1. Primary socialisation

2. The stable stablization of human personalilities 

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