Topic 10- Spreadsheet and software

Topic 10- Spreadsheet and software


Topic 10- Spreadsheet and software

What is a spreadsheet?

  • A spreadsheet is a piece of software which is used to work out calculations
  • Spreadsheets can handle all of the financial calcualtions for a large business, they can be used to work with statistical information, they can do complex trigonometry. Not only that, they can make pretty graphs and charts that you can use to impress people


  • For the exam all you will need to know ishow to use and identify basic formula and function on a spreadsheet
  • I.e. how to add two cells, take away the values in two cells, multiply and divide


  • A function does a very specific job within a spreadsheet. For example, SUM will add up a set of numbers for you
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Topic 10- Spreadsheet and software

  • AVERAGE is another common one which will give you the average of a set of numbers
  • 99 times out of a 100 the questions will relate to the SUM function in the exam
  • The questions in the exam may ask you to create a function that will add up a set of values
  • Remember to start with an equals then the word SUM, then open brackets and include cells that you want to add up, sparated by a colon, and then close brackets
  • I.e. =SUM(B3:B10)

Absolute cell references

  • If you want to stick to the same cell, regardless of how you drag or copy it then you can use an "Absolute cell refernce" like this
  • =$A$1
  • The $ tells the spreadsheet not to alter the formula as you drag or copy it to another cell
  • Absoulute cell references are particualry useful for referencing constant values (i.e., values that never change)
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Topic 10- Spreadsheet and software


  • Sorting of a spreadsheet is used to put certain pieces of information into order i.e. to sort surnames onto alphabetical order or rank competitors in a race based on their finishing time
  • To do this you must select the appropraite rows and columns that you want to sort

Advantages of using a Spreadsheet

  • Automatic calculations when data is entered, using formuals and functions
  • It is easier to change data, e.g. if prices change
  • The user can clearly see which option he can best afford
  • Carry out our scenarios
  • Save formaula and data
  • Draw graphs to give pictorial representation od data and infromation
  • Accurate calculations
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Topic 10- Spreadsheet and software

Examples of where Spreadsheets can be used

In school:

  • Calculating annual financial budget for IT department
  • Recording fincances for school dinner
  • Recording exam results
  • Keeping a record of homework's and average marks
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