Topic 1 environmental science- life on earth

Environmental science topic 1 life on earth


Topic 1 life on earth

Conditions for life on earth:

Position of the earth, it's size, structure, composition and rotation= PSSCR!

These have combined to produce the conditions that allowed life to develop on earth.

Large amounts of liquid water:

Temperature control e.g evaporation of water from skin cools body down.

Aquatic habitats

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Environmental science topic 2-

Why should we conserve?

Knowledge and understanding- we can learn a lot from studying wildlife

Human behaviour- studying groups of animals e.g apes we learn social structures and group behaviour.

Interdependence of life on earth- our survival depends on the survival of other species.

Biomimetics- Is the knowledge of how other species are adapted to survive and the application of that to solve human engineering problems.

Aesthetics and recreation- a world with plants and animals is more pleasant to live in

Morals- people believe other organisms have the right to life

Ethics- it is not ethically right to exploit wildlife

Economic reasons- can get money e.g zoos

Medical benefits- physiological research

Food resources- few species are currently exploited for food, more available.

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