Topic 5- On the wild side

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Photosynthesis- ATP

What is an organism called that creates it's own energy?

What is the full name and structure of ATP?

What makes ATP a good store of energy for living organisms?

What are redox reactions and why are they useful in organisms?

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Photosynthesis- Chloroplasts

What is the overall equation for photosynthesis?

Draw and label a chloroplast. For each structure within it state which part of the reaction occurs there.

Describe the structure and function of chlorophyll

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Photosynthesis- Light-dependent

Describe-explain and draw diargams

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Photosynthesis- light independent

Describe, explain, diagrams

Where does each stage occur?

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Photosynthesis- Calvin

Describe Melvin Calvin's experiment and how it led to the discrovery of the biochemical pathway.

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Ecosystems- definitions









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Ecosystems- succession


Primary succession- What does it start from?

first organisms?

climax community?

Seconday succession- what's the difference?

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Ecosystems- sudying ecosystems

Name at least 3 techniques and methods for studying ecosystems. For each one discuss what type of environment it is used for, what type of organisms, how it works and any limitations.

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Ecosystems- abiotic/abiotic factors

Detail how and why each of these impacts on an ecosystem.

Light                                                               Temperature

Currents                                                          Water availability

Oxygen                                                           Edaphic factors

Predation                                                        Finding mates

Territory                                                          Disease

Inter-specific competion                                    Intraspecific competition

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Ecosystems- energy transfer

What is the GPP?

What is the NPP?

What is the interaction between the two?

What affects both NPP and GPP?

How does energy flow through an ecosystem? (diagrams)

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