Topic 6a - Uses of ICT in Business


Topic 6a - EFT and EPOS

EFT - moving money from one account to another e.g from a customer account to pay for goods purchased

EPOS - is the hardware and software needed to automate the chekout process


Automatic reordering

Less time in queues so happier customers

Need for less staff as no need to put price on each item

Allows better targeting

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Topic 6a - Barcodes

Barcode - Series of light and dark bars of different widths with a code number printed underneath


Faster to enter data

More accurate as eliminates typing errors

Frees staff to do other tasks


Can only be used for the input of numbers

Equipment is expensive

Corrupted barcodes can cause delays

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Topic 6a - Just in Time Stock Control

  • Barcode scanned
  • Item matched on stock database
  • One deducted from stock database
  • Checked against reorder level
  • If below, automatic request sent to supplier
  • Stock delivered
  • Stock database updated


Smaller warehouses need - not as much stock kept

Less risk of stock being out of date

Easier to deal with several small delivieries than 1 big one


True stock may differ due to theft

Expensive to set up

Disruption to transport

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Topic 6a - Online Shopping



Greater Choice

Online discounts

Read reviews


Lack of social interaction - elderly

Lack of exercise

Problems when things go wrong - broken items, clothes don't fit

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Topic 6a - Online Shopping



Global Marketplace

Easier to update than catalogue

Low start up and running costs



Lack of consumer trust - bad customer service etc

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