Topic 6d - ICT in the home


Topic 6d - Uses of ICT for home entertainment

Music Downloads

Allows you to select only the tracks you want

Advantage - Saves money on buying whole albums

Disadvantage - Copyright issues/illegal downloads

MP3 Player

Listen to 1000s of tracks on a small portable player

Advantage - Listen to favourite music wherever you are

Disadvantage - Lack of attention causes accidents

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Topic 6d - Uses of ICT for home entertainment

Interactive TV - Larger choice of channels and services such as email and teleshopping

Advantage - On demand/streaming films anytime

Disadvantage - Social Isolation

Internet - Dating, shopping, betting, podcasts

Advantage - 24/7

Disadvantage - Online fraud

Mobile phones and other devices - Different services such as texts, radio, GPS

Advantage - Use anywhere there is a signal

Disadvantage - No battery

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Topic 6d - Health Concerns


Using joysticks repeatedly - damage to joints and muscles


Many hours on social networking sites - especially on small mobile phone screens


Incorrect posture - use an adjustable chair


Sedentary nature - not enough exercise

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