Training and Appraisal

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Training and development

Training is the process of making sure that wokers in a business have the knoeledge and skills necessary to do in the job.It is seen as a benefit to the business. It is necessary to make sure that the business is operating as effiency as possible.

Development is different from training. It is seen as being of more benefit to the worker- developing his or her own skills and knowledge. Development may inolve, for example, taking professional examinations or undertaking further studies.

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Induction training

All new appointments to a business require some form of induction training. This is training to introduce staff to the workplace and the job. It includes basic training in processes and methods, and also lets the new employees know what is 'usual' in the business.This is called 'custom and practice' and covers issues such as when breaks or leave can be taken and the basic operation of the workplace.

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Carry out training themselves or use external agen

Businesses have to decide whether to carry out training themselves, or use external agencies. Agencies can be more effective at training, but tend to be expensive. Big businesses will have their own training departments. Further training may therefore be either:

-on the job training at the place of work. This often involves being hsown what to do by an experience employer. This is cheaper than using external trainers, but may result in mistakes and waste.

-off the job training, off site. This is usually will professional trainers. It is more expensive in both time and money, but may provide better training.

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Appraisal is the process used to see how well a worker is doing. It also allows the worker to exchange views with his or her employer.

A good appraisal may result in rewards, or may be part of the path to promotion.Most businesses that have invested a lot in time and training and development in staff will want to keep them and may operate a system of financial or other rewards (such as recognition and increased responsibility) in order to do so. Appraisal can help to identify where progress has been made.

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Lifelong learning

Many businesses nowadays expect employees to keep retraining and improving skills. This is called lifelong learning.

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