Transport Systems

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Common Features of Circulatory Systems

  • Have a liquid transport medium.
  • Vessels that carry the transport medium.
  • Pumping Mechanism to move the fluid.
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Open Circulatory System

  • Very few vessels.
  • Pumped straight from the heart into the body cavity, haemocoel.
  • Comes into direct contact with the tissues and cells.
  • Returs through an open-ended vessel.
  • Transport medium usually carries food and nitrogenous waste, gaseous exchange occurs in the tracheal system.
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Single Closed Circulatory System

  • Blood travells once through the heart.
  • Passes through two sets of capillaries.
  • Blood system is low after passing through both so returns slowly, not efficient.
  • Fish can be active with a single closed due to their countercurrent gaseous exchange mechanisms. Their body weight and temperature regulation is sorted out due to the properties of water reducing metabolic demands.
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Double Closed Circulatory System

  • Blood is pumped from the heart to the lungs picking up oxygen and unloading carbon dioxide, and then returns to the heart.
  • Blood flows through the heart and is pumped out to travel all around the body before returning to the heart again.
  • Only passes through one capillary network each time so a relatively high pressure and fast flow of blood can be maintained.
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