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Duke of Norfolk's (Thomas Howard)

Henry VII:

- Howard was stripped of his title after the Battle of Bosworth (he was then given a chance to prove his loyalty by managing the North in 1489 as the Earl of Surrey)

Henry VIII:

- stripped of his dukedom in 1546 along with his daughter, Anne (restored under Mary I)

Elizabeth I:

- Howard was executed for treason in 1572 (he had schemed to marry Mary, Queen of Scots during the Ridolfi Plot in 1571)

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List of Archbishops

Archbishops of Cantebury:

- 1486-1500, John Morton (also made Cardinal & Lord Chancellor in 1487)

- 1502-1532, William Warham (also made Lord Chancellor in 1515)

- 1533-1555, Thomas Cranmer (first Protestant Archbishop; excommunicated by Rome and deprived for heresy)

- 1556-1558, Reginald Pole (Cardinal in 1536, last Roman Catholic Archbishop; Papal legate in 1553 until stripped of title by Pope Pius V)

- 1559-1575, Matthew Parker (opposed Rubrics Ornaments)

- 1575-1583, Edmund Grindal (encouraged preaching + lax about enforcing Uniformity)

- 1583-1604, John Whitgift (determinedly enforced Uniformity)

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List of Popes

- 1584-1492, Pope Innocent VIII (granted Henry VII a dispensation to marry Elizabeth + changed laws of sanctaury in 1586)

- 1513-1521, Pope Leo X (sparked Luther's 95 theses for granting indulgences for money + named Henry VIII as 'Fidei Defensor')

- 1523-1534, Pope Clement VII (forbade the divorce of Henry VIII + crowned Charles V HRE)

- 1534-1549, Pope Paul III (decreed the final & second excommunication of Henry VIII)

- 1550-1555, Pope Julius III (apointed Reginald Pole Papal Legate + Archbishop in 1554)

- 1555-1559, Pope Paul IV (removed Reginald Pole as Papal Legate)

- 1566-1572, Pope Pius V (Excommunicated Elizabeth I in 1570)

- 1572-1585, Pope Gregory XIII (financed the Throckmorton Plot in 1583)

- 1585-1590, Pope Sixtus V (financed the Spanish Armada)

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