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PESSCL (PE School Sport Club Links)

Delivered by the DCSF (Depertement for Children, Schools and Families) and DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) 

AIM: Improve participation of 5-16 years old in physical activity so that all children have at least 2 hours of high quality PE per week

Increase foundation level of the sports development pyramid so there is a large transfer of people into participation

Has 8 key components:

  • Sports colleges
  • School sport partnerships 
  • Gifted and talented
  • Swimming 
  • Step into Sport 
  • School/ club links 
  • QCA PE and school sport investigation 
  • Professional development
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Youth Sport Trust and sports colleges

Sports colleges were delivered by Youth Sport Trust to bring into action the government policy on school academies for sport for 11-16 year olds 

AIM: Improve the expertise of their staff (sport knowledge and coaching) an to develop participation in physical activity 

Approximatly 475 Sports colleges in England and Wales

Have extra funding for facilities and staff to improve participation and develop sport excellence

Targeted for the 2 hours of PE a week 

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School Sport Partnerships (SSPs)

A group of schools that worked together to develop PE and sports oppurtunities for all young people 

Consisted of:

  • Partnership development manager (PDM)
  • Up to 8 school sport co-ordinators (SSCos)
  • 30-45 primary and special school link teachers (PLTs)

The role of the PDM was a full time role usually based within a sports college

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Gifted and Talented

Government strand of PESSCL managed by the Youth Sports Trust 

AIM: Support schools in identifying and supporting talented pupils in PE and sport 

Offer a co-ordinated support programme 

Focus on the high acheivers as well as those who show potential 

They also include pupils at risk of underachieving and those from disadvantaged areas

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Introduced by the Labour Government in 2007

AIM: Offer free swimming to pensioners and school children 

Withdrawn in 2011 by the Coalition Government

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