Unit 4


Unit 4: Telecommuting

Performing job related tasks by using telecommunications to send and recieve data from a central office without having to be physically present.

Factors that have enabled people to telecommute: 

  • Internet access
  • Email
  • Mobile computing
  • Videoconferencing
  • High speed broadband
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Unit 4: Benefits & Disadvantages to the Employee


  • No time wasted commuting which saves time.
  • No expenses travelling to work
  • Flexibility of working hours can fit around family commitments
  • Less Stress - no getting stuck in traffic


  • Employee may feel isolated
  • Home costs increase e.g. heating and lighting
  • No workmates to socialise with
  • May not be a quiet spot others may distract you
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Unit 4: Benefits & Disadvantages to the Employer


  • Fewer back up staff needed
  • Smaller offices needed
  • Staff less likely to be off sick
  • Staff work flexible hours


  • Hard to determine how hard staff are working
  • Difficult to hold meetings face to face
  • Employers have to pay for ICT equipment
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Unit 4: Benefits to the Society

  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions help reduce global warming
  • Family relationships improve as more people in the house
  • Reduced traffic congestion in the local area
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