Unit 7


Unit 7: Consequences of Change

  • Changes to the organisational structure:

-Staff working groups may be split up affecting friendships.-Boundaries between jobs can become blurred because staff are asked to take on more jobs.
E.g. the sales person will now be asked about the balance of their account whereas before it would have been referred to the accounts department.
-Staff have to work in different ways
E.g. having usernames and passwords before they can commence working.

  • Work patterns are altered:

-Reaching to global markets means being operational 24/7 -Teleworking
-Flexible working hours
E.g. telesales work when people are home from their work & fits around family commitments.

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Unit 7: Consequences of Change (2)

  • Internal Procedures are changed:

-Some staff that were internal administrators are now asked to deal with customers directly.-Traditional jobs are done quickly so they may have to now have more duties. These changes can then lead to stresss.
-Many ICT systems have to obey codes of conduct.

  • The Workforce:

-Fears of redundancy - skills are no longer required e.g. filing clerks and typists.
Typists: people word process their documents.
Filing Clerks: people access database using computers.-Increase in highly skilled jobs - e.g. website developers, programmers, and computer engineers.
-Fear of looking ridiculous - Membersmay fell their lack of ICT skills make them look stupid.
-Changes in location - office space requirements reduced so may need smaller premises
-Fear of Health Risks - from working with computers e.g. back problems and RSI.

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Unit 7: Overcoming Resistance to New ICT Systems

  • Involve staff in the development of new systems
  • Make learning about the new systems easy for staff
  • Managers should explain advantages of the new system
  • Implications for staff should be spelt out
  • Explain new skills learnt will help staff gain promotion and make them more employable
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