Unit 1.5 to 1.11

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The Importance for Christians of believing in the

The Third Person of the Trinity

God's Presence in the World e.g healing

Comes Through Baptism and Reconciliation

Removes Peoples Sin- allowing eternal life

Inspires Teachings of the Church

Gives People gifts

Enables Christians to have lives full of love,joy and peace

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The Importance of Christian beliefs about salvatio

Saves People from eternal damnation and leads to eternal life with God

Was the Purpose of the Death of Jesus

Explains why we have sacraments

Gives Christian a reason to live a holy life

It is the reason why the sacraments are so important

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The Importance of loving God and how love of God a

Abilities and Talents- affect choice of career

Respect towards God's Creations- affects how they treat nature

The Ten Commandments

Following their Vocation- called to perhaps a religous life

Commanded by Jesus- Leads to living a good life, thinking of others before yourself and salvation

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Importance of Christian teachings on the love of o

Mark 12:29-31

This christian teaching is important because

It is a commandment from Jesus

By loving their neighbour Christians are doing God's will

It is not easy to do, but can lead to eternal life

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

This Christian teaching is important because

It is the teaching of Jesus

It shows christians that loving your neighbour is not easy, but it is what christians have to do

It explains that your neighbour is anyone needing help, whatever their race or religion

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The importance of Christian teachings on the love

The Parable of the Sheep and Goats

This parable is important because

by showing love for others, Christians are showing love for God

loving others means caring for those people who are hungry, thirsty, strangers, short of clothes, sick or in prison

showing love to those who are suffering is rewarded by eternal life with God in heaven

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How the love of God is expressed in the life of a

Carmelite Nuns

The nuns take the evangelical counsels ( vows and poverty, chastity and obedience) to show their complete love of God

The nuns follow the Carmelite Rule, meaning that they:

- meditate day and night on the Word of the Lord

-celebrate the Eucharist every day

- do manual work

The nuns spend almost twelve hours a day in prayer, worship and contemplation of God.

The nuns live away from the world trying to come closer to God

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How the love of God is expressed in the life of a

The Missionaires of Charity

As well as taking evangelical vows (vows of poverty, chastity and obedience), they also vow to serve the poorest of the poor.

For about 12 hours a day, the nuns and monks  love others by working in the centres run by the order

Some centres are for abandoned and dying of all castes and religions, to help them die with dignity, surrounded by God's love.

The missionaires also run orphanages, AIDS hospices, and care for lepers, refugees and victims of floods, epidemics and famines in order to share God's love with others

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How a Christian church shows love of God and love

Love of God in a Local Area- Parish

Providing worship so that people can show their love of God in the celebration of Mass

Keeping the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle so people can show their love of God by adoring the body of christ.

Offering their sacraments so that people can show their love of God through baptism, First Confession and Communion, confessions, confirmation and marriage.

Giving regular Bible readings and homilies explaining those readings to the people so they can learn more about God and how to show thier love for him.

Love for others in a Local Area- Parish

Making sure that a Catholic grows up surrounded by people who not only share the same beliefs but also love them as brothers and sisters of Christ.

Supporting the local Catholic primary and Secondary Schools, providiing children's liturgies, classes in First Confession and Communion and Confirmation to help parents to keep their baptismal promises

Providing social facilities such as youth groups, uniformed orginisation, mother and toddler groups

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