Unseen Prose AO2 (structure)

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When it is not totally clear what is being said/shown/meant. Allows a range of interpretation across readers, time & characters.

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A flashback scene that reveals background information e.g. memory, truth etc.

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When a story builds tension & expectation, only to have something boring or disappointing happen instead.

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The height of tension or action in a narrative.

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When two (or more) opposite things are presented over the course of a text. This may be a contrast between outside & inside, big & small etc.

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A temporary move away from the main subject to talk about something else (for moment of reflection, comic relief, bring in another theme).

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Revealing the key details about character, setting, situation, commonly at the start of a narrative; often descriptive but may also be revealed through dialogue or the narrator's commentary.

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Focus Shift

Changing the topic being looked at closely from one section to another.

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A hint or indication about something to come later.

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When two dissimilar things are placed alongside one another to emphasise their contrast.

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A repeated or recurring image or symbol used to represent a significant concept.

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When the writer deliberately leaves out details that a reader has to infer.

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The point of view from which readers experience the narrative.

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A flash-forward into the future from the current point of the story.

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A false clue intended to mislead a reader so that they do not expect the outcome.

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A key word or phrase stated more than once over the course of the text (also a language feature).

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When a significant detail that has been withheld is finally shared with the reader, allowing them to better understand.

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A dramatic shift or change in the direction of the text, including the plot & the characterisation.

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Scene time

The length of time over which a continuous scene takes place, which may indicate its significance.

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The order in which the events of the plot are delivered, including chronological (time order) or non-linear.

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Spatial shift

A change or move between times or settings.

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Topic sentences

The first sentences of a paragraph, which may reveal the focus for that section of the text.

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