USA Roaring 20s

the roaring 20s in the USA and how it impacted the rest of the world


Roaring 20s

The USA duing the 1920s

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consumer goods

consumer goods are iteams such as radio or fidges during the 120s the sell of these goods icreased dramaticle but arfter a while the sells began to drop because there goods that will only need to be purchesed once in a while.(

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Entertainment during the 1920s changed more people were listening to jazz music and dancing. As well as this more and more people were going to the cinema (

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the icrease in properganda was due to more people going to the ciema because companys would flash up advertiment before and arfter the films (

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Flapper was the  nickname given to young women in the 1920s who didnt want to be seen as the regular traditional house wife by refusing to use corsets, cutting their hair short, and wearing short skirts, as well as by behavior such as drinking and smoking in public.(

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Poverty line

the Roaring 20s were only good for some people. during the 1920s  60% of people living in America were below the poverty line many of these people were black Americans others were framers and coal miners (

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