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Verification is when checking that the data being entered into an ICT system matches the source of the data.

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Proof Reading

  • Ensuring no keying in errors
  • Checking against source documents
  • Carefully reading what has been typed


When entering pupil details into a pupil database for a school. The parents will usually provide the information on a form that has been sent to them. The details on this form are then keyed into the database. Once the person inputting the information has finished, they will carefully work through the information contained in each field with what is supplied on the application form to check that the information is the same.

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Double Entry of Data

  • Two people key in the same data
  • Only if both sets of data the same is it accepted
  • When creating passwords, they are often keyed in twice by the user and only if both versions match will they be accepted as the user’s password.
  • If a user were to make a mistake with a single password, they would not know what the password they typed in was and this can cause many unnecessary calls to the helpdesk.
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Sending Back Printouts

  • Ask customers to check data
  • Any errors are notified


If buying something online, you will have to make your selections usually by adding your purchases to the shopping trolley. When you reach the checkout and pay for your purchases you will then receive a confirmation email which acts as your receipt and also a way of you checking your order.

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