Views on Sparta (Tyrtaeus, Xenophon, Lysistrata)

Views on Sparta


Spartans from Tyrtaeus Views

That they fight for their homeland and generations to come after them

That they blieve cowardice is somehting to be ashamed of. That they should not run away from a fight but face it head on.
"Do not desert your elders"
"by recourse to flight"

That to die fighting is the bravest/honourable way to die
"For it is fine to die in the front line"
"Let every man then, feet set firm apart,
bite on his lip and stand against the foe"

Only given a gravestone if they died in battle.

Your only a man if you fight.

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Spartans from Xenophon (V) Views

They were onlyt allowed to eat a certain amount that would be enough to keep them fit and active. They were required to excercise regularly to keep fit (both men and women.
"Specificed a quantity of food that would not be too much or leave them short"
"that the rations were not out of proportion to the excercise undertaken"

They were not allowedot drink excessive alcohol and compulsory drinking was banned frmo things like games ro feasts/festivals. They were only allowed to drink when they were thirsty.
"stopped anything involving compulsory drinking"
"permitted each to drink when he was thirsty"

Men of all ages ahd to eat their meals together so that younge rmen could leann from the older men.
"mingled the age groups in Sparta so that the younger learn from their more experienced elders.

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Spartans from "Lysistrata" (written by Aristophane

They were worshipping female gods. They enjoyed to dance and sing and where known as good song writers and dancers.

"I do like watching a Spartan dance"

"take the pipes"

"I'll dance a two-step"

"O, Artemis the Virgin Queen"

"Over to you, our Spartan Brother
We've had one new song, so give us another!"

"Sing in praise of the Warrior Goddess
Of Sparta's bronze hoose, Athena the fair!"

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