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Obtaining Water- Reservoirs- Kielder Water

Kielder Water is a case study relating to obtainig water through reservoirs

Key points include:

* Holds 200 billion litres of water and the largest in the UK. The reservoir releases water into the North Tyne River

*Reservoir runs through the North Tyne river to the Riding Mill Pumping Station

*From the Riding Mill Pumping Station to the River Derwent which leads to Newcastle (Tyneside)

*Then to Frosterly Pumping station  through to the River Wear to Sunderland (Wearside)

*Finally to Eggleston Pumping Station through the River Tees to Middlesborough (Teeside)

*Constructed between 1975 and 1981 and took two years for the valley of the North Tyner River to fill with water

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Obtaining Water- Aquifers- Mexico City Case Study

Mexico City is a case study relating to obtaining water through aquifers and the problems with aquifers. 

Key Points Include:-

*Aquifer being drained quicker than it can be replenished

*Pavements/roads have cracked, areas are sinking and walls/buildings have buckled

*Water pipe built into the ground in 1934 is now 6m above ground

*Monument in Mexico City had 23 new steps built to reach its base

*Some suburbs with many wells continue to sink 45-60cm a year

*The city has stopped pumping water in the city centre, instead getting it from wells at the periphery

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Management of water in Industry- Walkers Crisps, L

Walkers Crisps, Leicester is a case study relating to management of water in industry.

Key Points Include:-

*Saving water by installing 30 water metres at their production plants to allow them to see where they are using the most water

*Saved 700 million litres of water a year

*Reduced water by 50%

*Implemented engineering solutions such as recycling water from the starch recovery programme for the use in another part of the production process

*Bursom dropped from 17.671 to 9.24 litres of water through there potato processes

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Management of water in industry- Cadburys Trebor B

Cadbury's Trebor Bassett, Birmingham is a case study relating to management of water in industry.

Key Points Include:-

* Installed a waste water treatment plan on site costing £2 million

* Reduced demand for water usage by abut 15% per year

*Saving water costs of around £10,000 per annum

*Saving water usage of 17 million liters per year

*Cooling tower have been used for the reuse of water

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Obtaining Water- Rivers- Peace River, Florida

Peace River,Florida is a case study relating to obtaining water through rivers.

Key Points include:-

*Populations access water directly from rivers e.g. In Florida water has been taken from the Peace River since 1980

*Ensures adequate water supply for growing local population (750,000)

*Everyday 70 million litres supplied to local customers

*Water treated at a treatment plant near Font Ogden- this is then injected into an aquifer and used where necessary- known as aquifer storage and recovery (ideal in areas with seasonal rainfal imbalance

*Building a 24 billion litre storage reservoir and the capacity of the treatment plant is being doubled to meet increasing demands

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