What problems did the Unification of Italy cause the Liberals?

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Domestic issues caused by the unification of Italy

  • Lack of popular involvement in the unification which lead to lack of identification with new Italian State. There was no vote for the public.
  • The unification process was dominated by the elite - this meant they weren't committed to major social reforms.
  • The Pope was hostile to the new Liberal State.
  • There was no intention to include the 'backward South' --> neglection.
  • The debts caused by the unification wars lead to high taxes and restricted social spending.
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Problems in Foreign Policy caused by the Unificati

  • Reliance on foreign armies to unify Italy lead to a national inferiority complex. There was a desire to be a great power.
  • The failure to defeat Austia in 1866 led to a loss of territory to Austria.
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The overall issue caused by the unification of Ita

  • The creation of Italy led to high expectations of social reform and national greatness. This wasn't fulfilled by the Liberal Party, but was promised by the Fascist Party.
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