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On Mexican Time

Fjidos: an area of communal land used for agriculture

Calles: streets

Chiles en nogada: a seasonal delicacy made with the colours of the Mexican flag

Campesinos: peasant farmers

Quechquemilt: clothing worn by some native cultures of Mexico

Comida corrida: a cheap dinner eaten at small restaurants

Huevos: spicy Mexican eggs

Bolsa: a bag

Grito de Dolores: 'Cry of the Dolores' the battle cry of the Mexican War of Independence

Pamplonada: the running of the bulls

Neurasthenic: a weakness of the literal nerves.

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In An Antique Land

Mandara: a guest room.

Fustan: a heavy shapeless robe, traditionally worn by fellah women.

Fellah: a native peasant of labourer.

Mowazzaf: an educated and salaried man.

Fellaheen: plural of fellah.

Khiyar: cucumber.

Barmahat: the 7th month of the Egyptian calandar.

Berseem: clover.

Shiyu'eyya: communist, atheist or adulterer.

Jallabeyyaa traditional Sudanese and Egyptian garment native to the Nile Valley.

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Extra Virgin

Orto: vegetable garden

Vasca: waterbutt

Tedeschi: Germans

Nipotes: grandchild

Campagna: countryside

Piante: plants

Compagnia: company

Torrente: stream

Bambine: children

Incompiuta: incomplete

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A Dinner of Herbs

Ramazan: the Turkish translation of Ramadan

Bishmillah: In the name of Allah

Pekmez: a Turkish dish, mollases-like syrup made mainly with grapes.

Jarra: Turkish slang for a cigarette.

Cok guzel: very beautiful

Aman: for goodness' sake

Fez: a hat. Originally a symbol of Ottoman modernity but eventually represented the "Oriental" identity

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Coming Home in Massachusetts

Backhoe: a mechanical excavator

Locust trees: a plant that grows carob beans, said to resemble locusts

Balkan Sobranie Mixture: an old type of smoking tobacco

Latakia leaf: a Syrian tobacco plant

Fjord horses: a small but strong horse from the Norwegian western mountains

Blue alfalfa: a small aphid found throughout the US

The Hamptons: a popular seaside resort, one of the historical summer colonies of the American Northeast.

Flat-bed trailer:a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes

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Sunrise with Seamonsters

Faith Baldwin: an American romance author who's books were never of literary significance.

Baybah: a slang word for "baby"

Yeggs: "eggs" said in a Singaporean accent.

Expatriate: a person temporarily or permanently residing, as an immigrant in another country.

Ma-Ling: a popular Singeporean canned goods company.

Tamil: a Dravidan ethnic group.

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Aloft in Paris

Nerf ball: a type of indoor basketball played with a small, rubber ball

Atelier: a studio or workshop

Rummy Five Hundred: a type of card game

Empanadas: a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried originally from Spain and Portugal

Ephmeral: short lived and temporary

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Chinese Life

Waigouren: foreigner

Xiajoie: the honorific for 'miss' but also a slang word for a prostitute

Falun Gong: a spiritual exercise and meditation regime banned by the Communist Chinese government

Yangguizi: foreign devil

Qipao: a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women

Ke'aide': adorable

Meifating: a beauty parlor where most prositutes in Fuling work

Qigong: an ancient Chinese healthcare system based on breathing and concentration

Guanxi: relationship

Gui'erzi: a Sichuanese curse meaning 'son of a turtle'

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A Parrot in the Pepper Tree

In flagrante fregantis: being caught in the act

Fregando: washing up

Cocinado: cooking

Vega: a grassy plain or valley

Guardia Civil: the Spanish police force

Bantam: a proud and brightly coloured cockerel

Diga: speak

Mattock: a farming toop similar to a pickaxe

Corijo: a rural habitat

Navijon: a ten-inch knife

Pincito: tapas

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Barefoot at Shanzu

Crypto termes: dry-wood termites

Eau-de-nil: a pale greenish colour

Terrazzo: a type of composite flooring

Kikapu: a basket

Bougainvillaea: thonry, ornamental vines that flower in the spring

Grandiloquent: pomous or extravangant language

Fornicatorium: a room used specifically for sex

Zenith: the peak of something's power or success

Matatus: minibuses

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A House in the Casbah

Nasrani: christian foreigner

Wikalat al-amlak: estate agents

Souk: an Arab market place

Hashish: marijuana

Derb: dirt alley

Hashuma: shame

Capotes: condoms

Habibi: my love

Denizen: a nativer person or thing of a certain area

Ascetic: simple and moral

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The Year Brunetto Il Piccolo Fell in Love

Caratteristico: characteristic

Cafone: a boor

Tabaccheria: tobacconist's

Belle di Notte: beauties of the night

Troppo semplice e ignorante: too simple and ignorant

Motorino: moped

Latte macchiato: milk with coffee

E bella, si: you're beautiful

Madre: mother

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A House in Corfu

Papas: priest

Tou Theou: from God

Spanakopita: a greek pastry, spinich pie

Liapades: a medium sized village in North-west Corfu

Ya-ya: grandmother

Aeschylus: an ancient Greek tragedy writer

Xenoi: forgeiners

Cocoresti: a greek speciality made of stomach and sheep's offal. A little like haggis

Xoriatiki: Greek Village Salad

Koumbari: maid of honour or the best man

Calamaraki: a deep-fried or grilled meze (small dish)

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